What Healing Looks Like: How my own trauma experience fueled my life’s purpose

Someone had to disrupt my story for abuse to stop, for my life to turn towards hope. It is my hope to see everyone experience love and belonging like me.

No matter what you feel, what you’ve done, how you perform or act today, this is the truth — you are loved. You are valuable. You have meaning and purpose in this world. 

Diary of a foster dad: From strangers to family.
As a single parent living as an immigrant in the United States, I have always tried to introduce myself to strangers. And in return have been blessed with many friendships. I never would have guessed that meeting one particular stranger...
Diary of a foster dad: Happy Valentine's Day!!
  I grew up never knowing what love was, and it was hard to understand. I had nothing showing me what love felt like or how it felt to express love to one another. Without feeling or expressing unconditional love,...
Diary of a foster dad: Man's best friend.
Growing up in Uganda, we were lucky if there was a meal on our table. We survived off of foods such as beans and potatoes. So, we did not have animals as companions. I did not grow up seeing dogs...
Diary of a foster dad: It's ok to go against the norm.
I grew up in a culture where being married was the prime focus of your identity. And I never liked that thought process. Moving to the United States made me feel more comfortable to be me, and not feel the...
Diary of a foster dad: We benefit and learn from one another.
    I started working at age four by getting water 2-3 miles away from my home. At age six, I was helping my mom grow crops. And at age 12, I could do just about anything an adult could....
Diary of a foster dad: why do mom's get the blame?
    Having a daughter has truly given me deep respect and love for my mother, sister, and all the women that have supported me through my life and continue to show me ways to be a great dad! My...
Diary of a foster dad: Zay turns 18!!
      Imagine never knowing what a job felt like, how to support yourself financially, or having the skills and tools to navigate the real world. In the foster care system turning 18 usually means never going back home,...
Diary of a foster dad: Holiday blues.
When the people who love you the most aren’t there, it can be sad and lonely to face the holiday season. It’s hard when my foster children expect me to provide a big celebration with family, but I too am...
Peter Mutabazi Makes Guest Appearance on 'Who's A Good Dog?' Podcast [NEW EPISODE]
Now I Am Known's Peter Mutabazi joined Kate Leaver for the latest episode of her podcast 'Who's A Good Dog' on Monday. In their conversation, Peter opens up about how his two dogs changed his life. He shares why he believes every kid living with trauma deserves a...
'Can we go to McDonald's?' I Fed My American Foster Kids African Food for the First Time!
Everywhere I go, people always ask me what it's like being a dad from Uganda raising four American foster kids. I take pride in the fact our family gets to learn more about two cultures in one home. And sometimes,...
I never expected what would happen after my son asked to ‘give to kids in the hospital’ for his 15th birthday!
Anthony Mutabazi doesn’t ever ask for much. He’s happy with a video game now and then, maybe a Lego set, and he’ll always take a meal (he just turned 15, after all)!
I Drove 100 Miles To Surprise My Kids!
“One of the most transformational things I’ve experienced in my own life is the power of words of affirmation. I found a way to deliver the message even when my kids can't hear me."
Single Dad Takes in 2 More Foster Kids and Pulls Off Dream Bedroom Makeover. Kids’ Reaction Is Heartwarming.
“When I got the call, I just couldn’t say ‘no’!” Peter Mutabazi is no stranger to fostering kids. He’s fostered 16 over the last 4 years and adopted 1, his son Anthony. Having recently taken in a 17-year old, he...
Dad’s First Time Shopping With A 17 Year Old Foster Teen
Shopping at Costco, for anyone, is an adventure in it of itself. Add a 17 year old into the mix who’s never been, and things get even more interesting (and entertaining). Single Foster Dad, Peter Mutabazi experienced just that when...
Books for Current and Aspiring Foster and Adoptive Parents
One of the greatest resources for foster and adoptive parents is other foster and adoptive parents. That's why I sat down with my good friend Mylane to answer many of your questions in a 2 part series. Watch part 1: Here...
Peter and Anthony Have Just Taken in A Foster Teen And Now They’re Sharing Affirmations For All Races
One loving father is a stellar example of what it’s like to be happily blind to skin color—and he hopes his story can inspire everyone to understand that transracial adoption is just as natural when the parent is black and child is white.
Saying Goodbye: A Foster Dad's Journey
‘We’re going to miss you. Will you visit us one day?’ It was time to take them home to their parents, for good. As I drove away, the tears came flooding.’: Single foster dad shares emotional reunification journey.
My Son's Shocking Request
The mind of a teenage boy can truly be a mystery, especially when it comes to making decisions and seeing them through.
Saying Goodbye. “This is the part of fostering that stinks. I’ve been crying for days leading up to this moment.”

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, during lockdown, Peter Mutabazi and his son Anthony received a call they never expected. “Would you be willing to take in a 7-year-old boy during quarantine?”

Aging Out Teen Finds A Home

10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, as Peter Mutabazi was enjoying some relaxation over the holiday season, his son brought up an idea that would challenge him to consider the next steps for him and his family.