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Dad’s First Time Shopping With A 17 Year Old Foster Teen
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Dad’s First Time Shopping With A 17 Year Old Foster Teen

Shopping at Costco, for anyone, is an adventure in it of itself. Add a 17 year old into the mix who’s never been, and things get even more interesting (and entertaining).

Single Foster Dad, Peter Mutabazi experienced just that when he brought his new foster son out for his first ever Costco shopping experience. While some may say Peter was just a softie and let the boy get what he wanted, there’s more than meets the eye.

Peter's "perfectly imperfect" parenting ultimately allows him to become a better parent to his kids.

Watch as Peter uses the experience to learn more about his kids. What they love, their habits, the ways in which they negotiate, and so much more.

Originally published on TODAY

Davide Di Giorgio is a speaker, author, and advocate. His latest project, Now I Am Known is giving vulnerable kids and young people the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and loved. His TED talk, Overcoming Comparanoia® is fueling a mission to empower people, especially young people, to compare less, celebrate more, and to spread kindness to all.

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