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How to survive shopping with a 7-year-old
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How to survive shopping with a 7-year-old

Single foster dad, Peter Mutabazi has his hands full when he decides to take his 7-year-old on a shopping trip to Costco.

Will he survive the multiple requests for snacks and junk food?

Will he give in?

Will his 7-year-old gorge himself on food court pizza and ice cream?

How does Peter survive? He believes “a good sense of humor goes a long way.”

What does his 7-year-old think of his dad’s skills?: “I wouldn’t say you’re perfect but you’re good.”

Originally published on TODAY


Davide Di Giorgio is a speaker, author, and advocate. His latest project, Now I Am Known is giving vulnerable kids and young people the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and loved. His TED talk, Overcoming Comparanoia® is fueling a mission to empower people, especially young people, to compare less, celebrate more, and to spread kindness to all.

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