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My Son's Shocking Request
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My Son's Shocking Request

The mind of a teenage boy can truly be a mystery, especially when it comes to making decisions and seeing them through.

“One morning he wakes up and say, ‘Dad, I need a haircut today’ and then tomorrow comes and he’s like, ‘oh, no...I don’t need one’”

When Peter Mutabazi tries to take his son for the haircut he’s been asking for, it not only turns into a day long adventure, Anthony reveals a request for his dad that catches him by surprise.

Watch the hilarious journey to getting the haircut and the heartfelt request that confirms while the brain of a teenager is a frontier yet to be fully explored, with consistency and patience, it’s all so worth it!

Originally published on TODAY

Davide Di Giorgio is a speaker, author, and advocate. His latest project, Now I Am Known is giving vulnerable kids and young people the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and loved. His TED talk, Overcoming Comparanoia® is fueling a mission to empower people, especially young people, to compare less, celebrate more, and to spread kindness to all.

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