Dear Agency, Organization, Advocate,

Thank you for what you do for our most vulnerable kids. I wouldn't be a good foster dad without what you do and your support. I have something I want to give to the kids in your care.

It breaks my heart to see how so many of our kids deal with trauma. Along the way, I have found resources that have helped me to help my kids on their journey.

As a kid myself growing up, I never had someone speak words of affirmation to me and as a foster parent to kids with trauma, I've quickly learned just how important those words are and how often I use them. When my kids are not in a happy place or when I forget to affirm them, I found a way to remind them that they are known, seen, and heard.

And now I want to share that with you. Instead of writing about it, I recorded a short video for you so I can show you. 

If you are a foster/adoption agency, organization that works with vulnerable kids and young people, we invite you to complete this form to get on our Giving Partner Waitlist.