You just got your new Plushie! Here's what you need to know (it's a surprise!)


We'd love to see you with your Plushie!

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Email usor tag us @nowiamknown or @fosterdadflipper on Instagram

(Kids, don't post pictures online without parent/guardian permission)


Here are some more ways you can help

When you receive your Now I Am Known Plushie:

  1. Shoot an unboxing video and reaction
  2. Take candid photos with your new plushie
  3. Go back to the sales page >> HERE << scroll to the bottom of the Plushie description and click REVIEWS to leave your 5✭ review
  4. Pick your favorite Affirming Phrases (there are 12 on your Plushie's Bandana) and share videos/pictures and why it matters to you.
 If you don't want to share your own personal photos (we understand)


The 12 Affirming Phrases:

• You are seen • You are heard
• You are chosen
• You belong
• You are enough
• You matter
• You are special
• You are a gift
• You are brave
• You are not alone
• You are loved
• Now I am known


Here is a simple outline for how to write a post to share:

  • Start with something personal and relatable about you and your story.
  • Share your experience about Peter and Anthony and Now I Am Known.
  • Share about your plushie and how you are giving back with your purchase.
  • Invite people to take action.


Here is a post example:

You belong! You matter! Have you ever struggled with feeling like you matter? I've always struggled with fitting in. As a kid, as a teen, and sometimes even as an adult.

Peter and Anthony Mutabazi also know what it feels like to not fit in. Peter's story of courage, overcoming, his adoption journey with Anthony, and how they want to pay it forward to other kids has inspired me.

I just received my Now I Am Known Plushie.  I've named him George. For every Plushie purchased, Peter and Anthony donate one to a child. They want to reach as many kids as possible - kids who feel like they don't matter or belong.

Join me this Holiday Season to let others know that they do matter and help the guys give as many Plushies to as many kids as possible.

** Website links don't do well in social media posts, it's better to share links when people ask, or to message your friends personally once they express interest.

We want you to be YOU. Be authentic, share your story and why it matters to YOU.


Here is another post example from our Super Fan Queen B:


Hi IG Family!!! My friend Peter is a single, foster dad who just celebrated the 1-year Anniversary of the adoption of his AWESOME son Anthony!!! Peter started Now I Am Known on social media to discuss how he became a foster parent and now a DAD!!! They are both amazing and I guarantee you will fall in love with them also!!

Today in the mail I received my new baby!! They have created these beautiful doggies (Plushies) to replicate their beautiful dog “Simba”. This is the awesome thing they are doing. For each Plushie you purchase, they will send one to a child in foster care!! You can also donate both!! There is a scarf around the neck and it is covered with affirmations which we ALL need!

Here is what I am asking you to do. First follow them on social media💕. Next, go to and purchase a Plushie or two!!! You will touch the life of a child in foster care so they will know “they matter” they belong” they are loved” and so much more!!!

In these troubling times, we could all use a “PLUSHIE!!” Please share and make the day of a child that is less fortunate!!! I love the family and I am sure you will too!!! Tell them Queen B sent you!! I love you INSTAGRAM FAMILY!!!!!!💕👑🐝 @nowiamknown


Here is a video post example from our Super Fan Jonathan:


>> WATCH our journey from IDEA to DELIVERY! <<